Every Girls Panty Drawer Necessities

 The recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show received astounding feedback, but not only from the ladies. The men of the world seemed to have tuned in and got really excited about this fashion show. This simple fact brings up a great point about ladies and their lingerie: don’t forget about the men! 

Most women don’t wear their lingerie for their man, they wear it for themselves and comfort. There may be that one super sexy bra you bought for your anniversary, but generally, women aren’t thinking about their men when choosing their daily lingerie. 

Most importantly, a recent study shows that most women don’t clean out their panties drawer and take the time to replace old pieces with new, fun pieces. This should be made a priority for not only yourself, but your man. Updating your lingerie collection just once or twice a year can profoundly increase your personal confidence, as well as increasing your man’s attention to you and even boosting your sex life. 
Here are a few vital pieces of lingerie that should be in every girl’s panty drawer.
AT LEAST one black and one nude bra that works with clingy tops.
A strapless bra. To get the correct size for a strapless bra, you should go up one cup size and down one band size.
A selection of seamless panties. These are not only comfy, but also practical. Have a nice variety between of styles like thongs, boyshorts and hipster so you can be comfortable for any occasion. 
One complete lingerie outfit. This means a sexy black lacey bra with matching panties, garter and stockings for those extra special occasions. Your man is sure to freak out, in the best way possible. 
A silk or cotton robe. 
A supportive sports bra.
A fun selection of leggings, stockings, and socks.
A couple of fun and playful bra and panty sets for everyday use and confidence. Let’s face it, when our bra matches our panties, it makes us feel like we really have our lives together. 
If a collection like this is obtained as well as maintained and updated, it is almost certain that your confidence, love life and your relationship will see improvements due to your new little secret weapon, a fully stocked panty drawer!

Image courtesy of The Colby Files

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