C String Thongs

by thong.com
​Wondering what on Earth a C String Thong is? This new undergarment is invisible and sexy underwear that you can wear with the tightest of dresses and shortest of skirts with no strap lines! Every girl can agree, unwanted strap lines are the worst.

Maybe your wearing a cut out dress, or one with sheer sides… what can you possibly do? Well the C String Thong solves all your problems. The C String looks like sexy lingerie underwear from the front, and thong in the back, and has bare sides.  This thong can be worn under any item of clothing. It has a very flexible frame that holds tight to your body. Another great advantage, no tan lines! Women everywhere are sporting these in tanning beds and in their backyards. Get that sexy tan without bathing suit lines, what could be better!  C String promises you’ll feel comfortable and secure, feeling safe and adequately covered.

They even make C Strings for men… even though we can’t imagine why! Confident women everywhere are now sporting these new thongs on beaches, lakes, and pools everywhere.  From online testimonials from across the world, women love this product.  While each person was leery at first, every woman came to the same conclusion. They were surprisingly comfortable and made women feel incredibly sexy. Both out in public and in the privacy of their bedroom.
C Strings come in One Size Fits Most, and due to health regulations cannot accept returns. You can find them at your local lingerie store, or from a variety of online retailers.

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