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​Welcome to, the site for those who are already fans of the famous thong or those who are interested in learning about the choices available in the world of thong fashion. provides the latest and most fashionable shopping and tips on thongs including underwear, bathing suits lingerie. It is the central place on the internet to find new products at great prices for those who wear thongs. For those who do not wear thongs, we have some tips on how you can get used to them.

There are some great comfort and visual benefits to wearing a thong – the two most obvious ones are no panty lines and better comfort once you have gotten used to wearing them. There are several schools of thought about adapting to wearing a thong but in general the most important thing to remember is to give yourself a few days (maybe even a week) to get used to the difference. Many people swear by thongs once they become comfortable wearing them and never go back.

On, we also try to offer a wide variety of links and resources to help you find the thong that is right for you, whether it’s a bathing suite, underwear, or lingerie. One of the choices that are becoming more popular in thong underwear is the lace thong. It offers a bit more coverage than the string thong, but still offers the comfort and better look than regular underwear.

Whether it is looking fabulous in your jeans or show off your body both at night and at the beach, provides the most extensive fashion and style resources available anywhere on the web.

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